Current Studies

Phase 1/2 Study of 25-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine in Healthy PCV-Naïve Adults

Participants needed: Ages 18-40

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) are lifesaving tools for children and cover 10, 13 or 20 varieties (or serotypes) of pneumococcus, but don’t yet cover some important serotypes that remain threats.

This early-stage Phase 1/2 clinical study will evaluate safety and immunogenicity (ability to produce an immune response) of a new PCV developed by Inventprise. The study vaccine is designed to cover 25 serotypes of pneumococcus posing greatest risk to children globally, but particularly in low- and middle-income regions where the pneumococcal disease burden is highest.

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Phase 1 Clinical Trial of mRNA-based monovalent influenza vaccine candidate

Participants needed: age 18-45

In this study, we will test a new mRNA vaccine against one type of influenza (also known as flu) virus. This study will look at how the body reacts to a Flu mRNA vaccine at different doses. We will give study participants different dose levels of this vaccine (this is called dose escalation).  The good and bad effects of the mRNA vaccine will be studied.

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Controlled Human Infection Model (pertussis)

Participants needed:

CCfV is looking for healthy adult volunteers to participate in Canada’s first human challenge trial to better understand pertussis (whooping cough)

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Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network (CANVAS) COVID-19 Safety Surveillance

Participants needed: 5 to 19-years-old

Visit for full study information and enrolment. About the CANVAS-COVID Study Why: The purpose of this study… Read More»

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