Data Analysis

The Biostatistics/Data Management and Analysis team consists of a statistical investigator, a principal biostatistician, a data manager, and two data coordinators. All data analysis performed at CCfV is under the direction of the statistical investigator, who is responsible for the design, execution, and reporting of statistical analyses based on the requirements of individual projects.

The data manager is responsible for the receipt of data, data security, data quality, and the design, testing, and implementation of databases and data verification programs. All data are analyzed using SAS® software. A maintenance contract with SAS® ensures software versions are always current. The hardware platform is an Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 1U rackmount server running the CentOS Linux operating system.

Security is provided by restricted access to each project account.

CCfV maintains a contract with Dalhousie University to house the Intel workstation in a monitored temperature-controlled room which is also protected from fire and smoke damage. Maintenance and support for the machine includes a weekly full tape backup. Daily differential tape backup is performed each weekday. Once a month a permanent backup is performed, and these permanent archive tapes are stored offsite.

Data Manager | Donna MacKinnon-Cameron