Join Us

Investigators and others in the Atlantic Region, with an interest in vaccine-related research, are welcome to join the CCfV.

Types of Membership:

  • Full Member
: Full Members will be committed to the vision of CCfV, and a substantial proportion of their research interests (not necessarily work) will be vaccine-related. Membership will be for a five-year term, renewable by mutual agreement.
  • Associate Member: 
Associate Members will have their main research interest in an area unrelated to vaccines, but will also have research interests or commitments through projects or trainees in the area of vaccinology. Membership will be for a three-year term, renewable by mutual agreement.
  • Affiliated Member or Institution
: Affiliation may be temporary for collaboration on a project and may be for a five-year term, renewable by mutual agreement. Membership for a project does not necessarily imply a long-term commitment to CCfV. Affiliation may be for an individual or an institution.
All Postdoctoral fellows may be considered for an Affiliate Membership for the duration of their postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Trainee Member: Undergraduate, Graduate, & Postgraduate (Medical)
Students training in vaccinology under a Full Member’s or Associate Member’s guidance can be Trainee Members of CCfV for the term of their training.
  • Staff Member: All staff working under the umbrella of CCfV will be considered non-voting members of CCfV and as such may attend the Annual meeting. Membership will be for the duration of their employment with CCfV.

To apply for membership in the CCfV please complete the application form along with your CV and email or fax  to 902-470-7232.