Access Policy

CCfV welcomes academic, industry, non-profit and government partners and collaborators at its facilities. Pending a request for access from any potential user, CCfV’s Operations Committee reviews the request for feasibility, scientific merit, financial viability, risk, and to ensure that projects are reflective of the organization’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Priority access is provided to Canadian academic, government, and NGO users followed by for-profit or industry users. Projects focused on research that may benefit underserved or special populations are also given a higher priority; recently CCfV successfully collaborated on multiple projects with Indigenous communities (Nunavut, Nunatsiavut, Mi’kma’ki); Canadians of African descent, and international populations in developing countries (Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Senegal).

For projects led or initiated by academic, publicly funded, or non-profit users, CCfV develops at-cost budgets with preferential pricing. For industry and for-profit groups, CCfV budgets are based on a cost-plus margin. A full feasibility assessment is conducted once the Operations Committee determines that the requests meet CCfV’s standards and strategic goals. The user request then undergoes protocol/project review by a Principal Investigator, protocol, budget and deliverable review by the CAO and Associate Directors to assess feasibility, determine risks; and contract or agreement review in association with legal counsel to assess institutional and investigator risk and responsibilities.

Pricing is based on several factors and is developed through a three-tiered process. An initial high-level quote can be provided based on the estimated service requirements, with a more detailed budget to follow review of an executive summary of the proposed activities and/or projects. A final budget will then be developed based on the finalized protocol or statement of work, to be agreed upon by the Scientific Director, CCfV, Chief Financial Officer, CCfV, and potential collaborator(s).