CCfV offers the following training and career opportunities:

  • Personalized training for selected individuals who wish to pursue careers as experts in vaccine research.
  • Formal training in basic, clinical or population based research in preparation for conducting independent research.
  • Clinical training and/or research experience leading to a graduate degree or subspecialty certification.
  • Opportunity to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in basic biomedical science, or clinical/epidemiological.
  • A high faculty-to-trainee ratio, and advanced research facilities that combine to create an integrated, comprehensive educational experience.

The core curriculum includes seminars and graduate course work, along with protocol development and two years of uninterrupted research time. When you complete the program, you will be trained in research and will be eligible for clinical certification.

Educational activities are offered throughout the research and clinical training period. These include:
 CCfV Research Seminars – you will be able to attend and participate in journal clubs, tutorials, courses and seminars organized by the CCfV.
 Clinical Research Curriculum – a monthly one-hour course given by various clinician-investigators covers specific issues of clinical research such as grant writing, research ethics, conflict of interest, research trial design and implementation, statistics, manuscript writing and public presentation.
 Infectious Diseases Research Day/CCfV Annual Symposium – as a CCfV trainee, you’ll be able to attend and meet invited speakers prominent in the field of vaccinology. Such interaction provides the opportunity to learn from role model academicians and to build relationships with national leaders in academic medicine.

Our Faculty

The faculty at the CCfV is highly regarded at the national and international level in all aspects of research in vaccinology and are actively involved in research. In addition to traditional research fields, new areas that bridge basic, clinical and epidemiologic research fields are underway. These include such areas as:

Vaccine Discovery

Vaccine Evaluation

Health Policy & Translation


CCfV trainees come from diverse interests and backgrounds. Because of the significant emphasis in implementing translational research, faculty members from a variety of disciplines supervise and serve as advisors to trainees to enhance collaborative efforts. We encourage interdisciplinary activities for all trainees and offer an enriched environment to undertake research.

Preparation for the research training requires substantial effort on the part of the trainee, working with their supervisor and guided by a mentor. Trainees first identify a research supervisor from among our faculty who shares their interest. They will also be matched to a research mentor from among CCfV faculty.

How to apply?

Those interested in training at CCfV should contact a member of CCfV faculty who has the research interests that correspond to their own. The CCfV member will then guide you on how to pursue your goals for training.

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