26th Annual ID Research Day & 13th Annual CCfV Symposium Poster Submissions

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A pseudo-outbreak of echinocandin-resistant Candida glabrata: The Unreliability of Caspofungin Testing in Predicting Echinocandin Susceptibility
Yahya Shabi, Audra Russell-Tattrie, Amrita Bharat, David Haldane, Glenn Patriquin

Adaptive Responses of Natural Killer Cells Exhibit Distinct Requirements Among Members of the Ly49 Receptor Family
Gayani S Gamage, Daniel Medina-Luna, Michal Scur, Hagaag S Zein, Mir Munir A. Rahim Brendon D Parsons, Andrew P Makrigiannis
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Clinical and demographic characteristics of patients admitted to Canadian hospitals with COVID-19: A report from the Canadian Immunization Research Network Serious Outcomes Surveillance Network
Andrew, Melissa K.; Godin, Judith; LeBlanc, Jason; Boivin, Guy; Valiquette, Louis; McGeer, Allison; McElhaney, Janet E.; Smith, Stephanie; Hatchette, Todd F.; ElSherif, May; McKinnon-Cameron, Donna; Wilson, Kevin; Ambrose, Ardith; Trottier, Sylvie; Loeb, Mark; Katz, Kevin; McCarthy, Anne; McNeil, Shelly A.

CMV Co-infection and T Cell Exhaustion in Long Term Care Facility Residents with COVID-19
S. Oldford, P. Zanello Antunes, T. Brauer-Chapin, B. Ray, M. Qurashi, A. Sagan, D. Medina-Luna L. Ghouti, B. Clarke, M. Andrew, K. Rockwood, S. Searle, O. Theou, M. Ulises Perez Zepeda, S. McNeil, E. MacAdam, T. Hatchette, G. Patriquin, J. LeBlanc, B. Goodall, L. Barrett

Evaluating Barriers and Facilitators to Delivery of Hospital Pharmacy Services to Women, Children, and Their Families During A Pandemic
Erin Ring, Kathryn Slayter, Melanie MacInnis, Jennifer E. Isenor, Emily Black

Evaluating Impact of Incorporating Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Infectious Diseases into an Electronic Application (App)
Emily K Black, Holly MacKinnon, Jeannette Comeau, Caroline King, Kathryn L Slayter

How does frailty impact the efficacy, reactogenicity, immunogenicity and safety of the adjuvanted recombinant zoster vaccine? A secondary analysis of the ZOE-50 and ZOE-70 studies
Melissa K. Andrew, Joon Hyung Kim, Sean Matthews, Christophe Dessart, Myron J. Levin, Lidia Oostvogels, Megan E. Riley, Kenneth E. Schmader, Shelly A. McNeil, Anne E. Schuind, Desmond Curran

Investigating the Mechanism of Action of a Viral bZIP Transcription Factor
Madeleine L. Stolz & Craig McCormick

Optimizing the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infection with the implementation of a molecular assay and antimicrobial stewardship intervention
Emma K Reid, Hilal Al Sidairi, Navjot Sandila, Jason LeBlanc, Ian Davis, Paul E Bonnar

Patient Outcomes of a Pragmatic and Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Clinical Trial
Fraser, Kaela; Macdonald, Lauren; Meeker, Sam; Fraser, Sophie; Dale, Andrea; MacGinnis, Laura-Lee; O’Regan, Patrick; Derengoski, Jennifer1; Goodall, Barbara; Johnston, Lynn; McNeil, Shelly; Ramsey, Tasha; Robbins, Mark; Schlech, Walter; Davis, Ian; Bonnar, Paul; Oldford, Sharon, Andrew, Melissa; MacAdam, Emily; Hatchette, Todd; Haldane, David; Patriquin, Glenn; Leblanc, Jason; O’Leary, Tony; Loubani, Osama; Green, Robert; Burgess, Sarah1; Reid, Emma; Di Quinzio, Melanie; Lata, Chris1,; Ghaly, Ahmed; Moses, Brian; Srivatsa, Kris; Bakowsky, Volodko; Kelvin, David; Sapp, John; Andeou, Pantelis; Tennankore, Karthik; Barrett, Lisa

Peer-Testers for COVID-19 as a Potential Aid in Widespread Testing
Meeker, Samantha; Goodall, Barbara; Macdonald, Lauren; Fraser, Kaela; Fraser, Sophie;Fraser, Siena; Hatchette, Todd; Barrett, Lisa

Safety and Immunogenicity of V114 Administered Concomitantly With Influenza Vaccine (PNEU-FLU)
Randall Severance, Howard Schwartz, Matthew Davis, Kurt Lesh, Ron Dagan, Laurie Connor, Jianing Li, Alison Pedley, Jonathan Hartzel, Tina M. Sterling, Katrina M. Nolan, Gretchen M. Tamms, Luwy K. Musey, Ulrike K. Buchwald, and the V114-021 Study Group

Safety and Immunogenicity of V114, a 15-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV), in Adults Infected With Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): A Phase 3 Trial
Lerato Mohapi, Olayemi Osiyemi, Khuanchai Supparatpinyo, Winai Ratanasuwan, Jean-Michel Molina, Ron Dagan,
Gretchen Tamms, Tina Sterling, Jon Hartzel,Alison Pedley, Ying Zhang, Yanqing Kan, Kim Hurtado, Ulrike Buchwald, Luwy Musey, Jakub K. Simon

SARS-COV-2 Immunity in Moderate to Severe COVID-19 Patients Enrolled in the Pragmatic, Adaptive, CO-VIC COVID-19 Treatment Study
S. Oldford, P. Zanello Antunes, T. Brauer-Chapin, A. Sagan, D. Medina-Luna L. Ghouti, T. Ramsey, L. Johnston, S. McNeil, M. Robbins, W. Schlech I. Davis, P. Bonnar, M. Andrew, E. MacAdam, T. Hatchette, D. Haldane, G. Patriquin, J. LeBlanc1, T. O’Leary, O. Loubani, R. Green, S. Burgess; M. Di Quinzio, C. Lata, A. Ghaly; B. Moses, K. Srivatsa, V. Bakowsky, D. Kelvin, J. Sapp, P. Andreou, K. Tennankore, G. Wells; B. Goodall; L. Barrett

Thiopurines activate an antiviral unfolded protein response that blocks influenza A virus glycoprotein accumulation
Patrick Slaine, Mariel Kleer, Brett Duguay, Eric Pringle, Eileigh Kadijk, Shan Ying, Aruna Balgi, Michel Roberge, Craig McCormick, Denys Khaperskyy

Treatment of Bloodstream Infections Caused by Ceftriaxone-Resistant E.Coli, P. Mirablis, and Klebsiella Species: Review of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Production and Patient Outcomes in a Low Prevalence Setting
Shawn Smith, Hilal Al Sidairi, Emma K Reid, Carolyn Smith, Glenn Patriquin, Paul Bonnar, Ross Davidson