Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Challenge Unit

The VCU is a state-of-the-art 10-bed inpatient and outpatient research facility located in the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. The VCU features ten single-bed isolation rooms with full monitoring capability, negative air pressure and HEPA-filtered exhaust for each isolation room to handle respiratory pathogens.

Safety and containment are paramount which is why the VCU holds an in-unit nurse’s station, on-call physician’s room, and medication preparation room,  along with other clinical resources limiting the need for staff and samples to leave the unit.

Participant accessibility & comfort are predominant factor to their experience while under observation. With this in mind, the VCU also features wifi, tv, minifridge, access to IWK’s meal and clinical services and en-suite bathrooms.

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Medical Director | Dr. Scott Halperin

Administrator | Ying Watt

More Resources

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