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Participants needed: between 6 and 7 months of age

About RSV

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is a germ that can cause airway infections. Most RSV infections result in a simple cold, however RSV infections can be more serious in young babies, whose airways are still very small and whose immune system cannot fight germs very well.

RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (infection of the breathing tubes) and some pneumonia (lung infection) in young infants. Severe RSV in young babies can cause wheezing and asthma in childhood.

What is the purpose of this study?

This study will try to find out if the study vaccine against RSV is safe and may protect infants against RSV.

Is my child eligible to participate?

Participants must be healthy, between 6 and 7 months of age and not have had a documented/confirmed RSV infection or symptoms. They must have been born after 37 weeks and before 42 weeks gestation with a minimum birthweight of 2.5kg (or approximately 5lbs, 8oz).

Participant Commitment

Participation in the study involves 8 scheduled study visits to the Canadian Center for Vaccinology in the IWK Health Centre over a 2 year period.  We estimate the total time commitment to participate in the study will be approximately 20-22 hours over the two year study period.

Some of the visits that do not require a vaccination or blood sample may be completed as a home visit. Your child may also need to be seen by study staff when s/he has a cough, a runny nose, a blocked nose, difficulty in breathing, or wheezing. These are symptoms of a respiratory infection and might be due to RSV.

For your participation, you will receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses (such as travel costs to and from study visits) at $50 per visit for each visit, and a parking pass at the end of each visit if required (if you park in the IWK parking garage).

You will receive $400 in total ($300 paid out after study visit #5, $50 paid out after study visit #7 and $50 after the final study visit).

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Find out more about this study

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.